How it works

Get Your Bitcoin Wallet Today

Get your Bitcoin wallet and start using Bitcoin to purchase products online. Our Zenapay Bitcoin wallet allows customers to
make purchases through using Bitcoin via our secure wallet which is available on all major mobile

Customer Benefits

Seamless checkout with minimal fees

Make purchases conveniently and without hassle with Bitcoin

No need for a third party app

Secure money for products purchase online

Zenapay Wallet Uses Bitcoins For Payments

Zenapay is not a bank…its better! We do not view your balance or pry on your transactions.
We make Bitcoin payments on your behalf and retain complete ownership of your money.

Our Bitcoin wallet designed from the ground up and can be seamlessly integrated with your store’s workflow.

Bitcoin Payment - From Wallet To Checkout

Bitcoin is secure and reliable digital money. You can spend bitcoin worldwide
at millions of online stores and websites using our Zenapay
bitcoin wallet. It is very simple just scan QR code and pay.

Make a payment From Your Wallet

You Don't need to share any personal information if you want to make a payment.
Simply, send the payment from your wallet app using one of two methods:

  • Scan the QR code
  • Pay address from clipboard

Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments Today

Bitcoin has become an attractive way to carry out online purchases safely. Retailers can use Zenapay’s Merchant
app to make Bitcoin payments directly to their store’s bank account in a currency of their own choice. Furthermore,
the Zenapay Merchant app enables you to accept Bitcoin payments by customers from
anywhere in the world.

Merchant Benefits

Accept Bitcoin at the point of sale

Provides a safer environment by taking away the dependence on cash transactions

Integrates seamlessly with any a retailer’s POS system

No more identity theft or chargeback fraud

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Zenapay Merchant Accept Bitcoin Payments

ZenaPay Merchant app, is an app for businesses. They can sell products
and take bitcoins from the buyer. Merchant creates QR code for the price

of the product and zenapay user scan QR code from his/her iphone app.
Transaction fee is deducted from user's wallet and merchant account.

Simple And Secure Setup

Zenapay Merchant is very simple to use, Because it needs no
username or password to login. You just need to set Pin,
Write your paper key for keeping your wallet safe, and
now you are ready to go.

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