Zenapay Provide Digital Helping For Gardening

Spring and summer are the best seasons to get outside and enjoy your garden. Whether you’re a seasoned green-fingered professional or a gardening beginner, it’s always enjoyable to potter around in your outside space.

To provide a digital helping hand for all your gardening needs, Zenapay plant tracker will assist you in gardening.

Zenapay Plant Tracker – Garden View

In Zenapay plant tracker selecting any of the gardens will show the authentic details about the plant. Like PH, POH, a time when the plant was last fed, the colour of the plant,
trimming and many more information will be provided to the client that help her to grow plant perfectly and get rid of any complications that arise in future.

Zenapay Plant Tracker - Gallery

Plant Care is a dependable landscaping business delivering high-quality planting schemes. All the plant which client added is shown in this screen and it will be secure that you can view all plants easily.

Groom your plant according to your desires. Take care of plant in a good manner will secure our plant which is highly paid benefit to society.

Zenapay Helps In Knowing The Nature Of Plants

This app will help you in plant growth all you need is to register your plant details. These details include Plant name, Plant strain, Plant date, Medium and Medium details that will help the application in knowing plant nature and how to treat it well in future growth.

This app provides a digital helping hands for growing plant well.

Zenapay Plant Tracker- Past Actions Record

In this busy life, we forget to take good care of plants. Zenapay plant tracker will assist in taking care of your plants. Zenapay will provide the details of your past actions. Past actions are basically a history of plant likewise what we have done earlier.

When you need to see an act of yesterday or a few back weeks you can easily see them through this app.

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